Top 3 best dental crown materials 2023

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There are many types of crowns used in therapeutic techniques. To better understand the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of each class, readers can refer to the helpful information in the following article.

The best dental crown materials
The best dental crown materials

Factors Determining The Quality And Aesthetic Properties Of Dental Crowns

Not only depends on the care regimen, oral habits, quality, longevity, and aesthetics of the crown are also determined by many other factors.

  • Dentist workmanship: The longevity and quality of the crown are related to the correct fit to the underlying root. Therefore, the skill and expertise, the meticulousness in the operation of the dentist is a significant factor. If the dentist’s skills are low, the crown does not fit properly, becoming an ideal place for bacteria, leading to tooth decay, periodontal disease, root loss, or other complications.
  • Dental facility equipment: The quality of the digital scan or dental impression will be the first indicator of the quality, fit, and fit of the crown. Therefore, the imaging equipment and laboratory conditions of the dental facility are directly related to this operation.
  • Origin of crowns: Directly related to the longevity and quality of crowns, so customers should learn and choose a reputable dental facility with clear material origin.

The best dental crown materials 

Usually, dentists tell their clients that crowns have a lifespan of 5 to 15 years. However, in reality, many types of crowns retain their function for a longer period. Besides, the life of the crown also depends on the oral care regime, and oral habits (avoid grinding teeth, chewing ice, biting nails, using teeth to open things…), Here are the types of objects. The best dental crowns are preferred by many customers.

The best dental crown materials
The best dental crown materials

Cercon – the best dental crowns material

Cercon dental crowns material belongs to the line of all-ceramic teeth originating from Germany and is used by many people today. The product is also currently rated as the highest quality non-metallic porcelain teeth. The tooth is structured with an all-ceramic cover. 

Cercon dental crown material is currently being chosen and appreciated by many customers. Most of the products are manufactured on modern lines, so they have high durability and outstanding aesthetics. However, each product type will have its characteristics, and grasping this will make the selection easier.

Porcelain crowns are made of high-quality materials, providing high rigidity and biocompatibility with gum tissue. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much about irritation when using it. In addition, this line of porcelain teeth also possesses great advantages as follows:

  • The best dental crown materials from Germany should ensure accuracy for each customer. The frame of the teeth is quite similar in color to real teeth, so it brings a high and natural aesthetic.
  • Cercon – the best dental crown material has high durability, along with good bearing capacity and wear resistance, so they are highly appreciated by many customers. In addition, the ability to graft close to the gums also helps to limit the crevices that lead to leftover food that causes bad breath.
  • The teeth after porcelain coating are highly aesthetic, creating a natural and confident smile when communicating.
  • Cercon porcelain teeth have a rather thin frame, only about 0.5mm, so when you will not have to grind your teeth too much when wrapping, protect the tooth pulp and help preserve the maximum real teeth. As a result, the tooth after porcelain coating is also stronger and has a longer service life.

Emax Crowns

Emax crowns are made from Lithium Disilicate ceramic with exceptional transparency and durability. They are very biocompatible in the mouth. And has the same durable properties as natural enamel, strong enough to withstand biting and chewing forces:

  • High aesthetics: the best dental crown materials are designed with the same color as neighboring teeth
  • Porcelain dental crowns have high durability
  • Suitable for people allergic to metal
The best dental crown material
The best dental crown material

Zirconia dental crowns

Zirconia porcelain crowns are the hardest and strongest porcelain crowns available today. Zirconia is an extremely durable and virtually indestructible crystal. That’s why these crowns last so long. The All-ceramic crowns are made entirely of Zirconia and have the same color as natural teeth.

This porcelain crown material is extremely hard and durable. Compared to other materials, this porcelain crown does not affect the tooth structure much. Because this material is very durable. However, because it is a single material, it is difficult to get an exact match with the color of the teeth.

Zirconia porcelain crowns are crowns with transparent properties that are more suitable for a natural tooth. However, because zirconia is opaque and heavy, they will never look like porcelain teeth that are attached directly to the core of a natural tooth.

How much do dental crowns cost?

The cost of the best dental crown material is also a concern for those who are intending to restore teeth. As mentioned, the cost of making crowns depends on the material you choose. In addition, the actual cost is also slightly different depending on the clinic/hospital and the time of implementation, especially porcelain crowns made from precious metals. Price list for making dental crowns (for reference):

  • Metal porcelain crowns cost from 1.000.000 đ/Tooth.
  • Zirconia post core about 3.000.000 đ/Tooth
  • Titan (CeramCo/Vita) cost from 2.500.000 đ/Tooth
  • Cercon Zirconia (Germany) cost from 8.000.000 đ/Tooth 
  • Vita Zirconia (USA) cost from 6.000.000 đ/Tooth

Dental clinics are increasing but do not guarantee the standard of examination. Therefore, choosing a quality unit is very necessary and important. Among the prestigious dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh, Platinum Dental Group is currently the name that many customers appreciate for the quality of service as well as the qualifications of the team of experts and doctors. Since its establishment, Platinum Dental has determined its purpose and mission to bring a place to visit, provide the best dental crown materials and perform dental methods that are safe, and durable.

Platinum Dental - Best dental clinic in HCM
Platinum Dental – Best dental clinic in HCM