5 Steps to Come Here

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Coordination and confirmation all patient appointments with our specialist clinicians for consultation, diagnosis, and treatment procedures prior to arrival

  • Contact us with your inquiries. We will give you more information about your specific needs. It is very useful if you have access to your  any x-rays taken before. If you can’t send us the information by email, it’s okay, we can still start on providing you an estimate of time and fees. If you have not seen a dentist recently, we simply will ask you to come to our clinic for the first time to gather information. It will depend on the nature of your inquiries.
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Advance financial and billing arrangements, including detailed estimate and consolidation of invoices

  • We discuss with you your plan prices prior to your arrival. After we receive your information, we will prepare a schedule suitable according to your availability and our recommendations for treatments. We will be ready to give you a realistic cost estimate.
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Personalized Care

  • After you give us final decision on the treatment
  • Our liaison officers, act as a single point of contact to assist patients throughout their stay can arrange for the following services:
    – Interpretation services in different languages.
    – Transportation, including airport pick-up.
    – Hotel or long-term lodging arrangements for patients and their families.
    – Personal escorts to appointments and treatment procedures.
  •   A fee maybe applicable for such services.
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You arrive in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam

  • Welcome to Platinum Dental Group! We will proceed with your treatment following the schedule we previously made. Our doctors will tell you upfront if there will be changes following the further diagnostics. During the entire treatment we will treat you with the highest standards in care.
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  • Following the treatment, we will prepare for your essential information for how to take care of your new smile. We will then stay in close touch once you are home to help you with any questions regarding the treatment and post treatment care. We will also support you with any documentation you may need.