Can a dental crown be done to replace missing front teeth?

Are dental crown front teeth good?

Dental crowns for front teeth are also one of the extremely good options at this time. There are many customers who appreciate this option to improve the defect of missing teeth. Read on to learn more about this solution right away.

Are dental crown front teeth good?
Are dental crown front teeth good?

What is a  porcelain dental bridge?

Dental crowns are known to be a method to restore the shape of lost teeth in a fixed way. For this technique, the doctor will grind 2 real teeth next to the missing tooth to make a bearing post, then attach the crown to your tooth. After finishing the porcelain crown process, your teeth will gradually restore chewing function and aesthetics for a bright smile.

The service life of dental crown front teeth is more durable than that of molars because it is less affected by chewing force. Specifically, the use time can last from 5-7 years if well cared for. One of the reasons many people choose dental crowns for front teeth is the quick restoration time.

Are crown bridge front teeth well?

Do dental crowns bridge front teeth well? Dental crowns are highly appreciated by experts for the convenience and effectiveness brought by many reasons:

  • The perfect solution to effectively fix missing teeth.
  • A crown bridge front teeth are the best way to restore your jaw’s chewing ability.
  • The durability of porcelain dental bridges is quite high, so you will not encounter any obstacles in the process of eating and drinking.
  • Ensure high aesthetics, similar to real teeth. Help customers regain confidence in daily communication activities.
  • Higher durability than molar positions (about 7-10 years). You just need to take care of the crown carefully and it will last for a long time.
  • Reasonable cost of crown bridge front teeth.
Are crown bridge front teeth well?
Are crown bridge front teeth well?

Is it safe to make a door bridge?

If you are looking for a safe solution for missing teeth, a bridge is the perfect solution for you. The technique of making dental crown bridge front teeth does not require surgery like an Implant. The steps are simple and quick. So safety is always absolutely guaranteed. Through the implementation steps:

  • The doctor gives a general examination and checks oral health thoroughly. If the requirements are met, the doctor will advise the treatment course.
  • After that, clean your teeth and proceed to grind the tooth core to create an abutment.
  • After grinding the tooth, the doctor will take an impression of the jaw sample.
  • Check and test the tooth frame to ensure the best fit.
  • Crown and final general examination.

To ensure absolute safety, you should contact reputable and professional dentists to receive the best service.

Is it safe to make a door bridge?
Is it safe to make a door bridge?

Some notes when applying crown bridge in front teeth

To make a safe porcelain dental bridge and help you chew effectively, you can refer to the following important notes:

Before making crown bridge front teeth

Before crowning the front teeth of Co Chu, you need to find a dentist to advise you on the detailed and clear process.

Choosing a reputable dentist with a clear teeth-making process and modern equipment will help you and your cousins ​​stay safe during the process of crowning the front teeth.

Go to the dentist to be guided by the Doctor and discuss oral health directly to get a specific plan and advice.

Finding out the total cost in advance and making sure there are no additional costs will help you know the correct cost of crown services for front teeth.

After completing the crown for front teeth

  • Avoid eating foods that are too hard because they can cause the front teeth to be chipped and unsightly.
  • Do not smoke after making dental crowns for front teeth to avoid yellow teeth that are difficult to remove.
  • Clean your teeth regularly twice a day with specialized tools that are floss, and mouthwash to clean teeth more effectively. Thereby maintaining the whiteness of the teeth.
  • Eliminate bad habits that harm porcelain teeth, including: biting nails, biting bottle caps or other hard objects, and limiting teeth grinding while sleeping.
  • Periodic dental examination every 6 months to remove tartar, check the condition of porcelain teeth is stable or not, and have a timely treatment plan.
Some notes when applying crown bridge in front teeth
Some notes when applying crown bridge in front teeth

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Through the above sharing about crown technique for incisors, hope you will make the right decision in whether to make a porcelain bridge to restore lost incisors or not. If you still have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact Platinum Dental to be examined and consulted by an experienced doctor in detail as well as bring you satisfactory results, and many outstanding advantages. most dominant.