White fillings have been used in cosmetic dentistry for decades and transform your smile in just a single visit.

White filling are used for a veriety of cosmetic dental procedures in Platinum Dental:

  • Filling dental cavities “White filling”.
  • Replace metal or amalgam fillings.
  • Repairing broken and chipped teeth.
  • Closing gaps between teeth (diastemas).
  • Reshaping teeth.
  • Smile make overs – composite veneers (although porcelain veneers are the better option).

How do to do?

  • The process involves the skillful / artistic use of the correct amount and colour of “dental composite”, which is a moldable material with a paste like consistency made from acrylic resin and a variety of fillers.

Esthetic Range:

  • A wide spectrum of shades available with today’s composite resins allow an exact colour duplicate to match natural teeth colour, ensuring an esthetic and beautiful smile.

Long term management:

  • Composite typically lasts 5-8 years and patients should not expect to get the same lasting service from it as they would from porcelain veneers or dental crowns.
  • Composite restorations will usually stain over time. Since the cosmetic appearance of the restorations can be of its most important attributes, staining maybe one of the main reasons why a dental patient and their dentist might determine that the restoration has served it useful life span and should be replaced.
  • The potential for staining to occur will be greater for those people whose consumption habits include the use of coffee, tea, dark cola, red wine or tobacco products.