Platinum Dental Group meet or exceed all guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Heath Viet Nam as well as the American Dental Association in controlling infection throughout the clinic.

Our principles in infection control are as follow:

  • All dental health-care personnel (DHCP) have to get through initial and ongoing training program in infection control policies and practices regularly.
  • All DHCP are adequately immunized against vaccine – preventable diseases as federal and state guidelines: Hepatitis B,C Annual Influenza …
  • Our staff is properly trained and undertakes regular hand hygiene with proper antimicrobial disinfectants.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) e.g., gloves, masks, protective eyewears, protective clothing, appropriate protective equipments are required during clinical procedures, during cleaning and reprocessing instruments.
  • Environmental surface: Clinical contact surfaces (e.g., light handles and countertops …) are cleaned, disinfected or barrier protected by chemical disinfectants and/or disposable plastic coverings.
  • Housekeeping Surfaces (e.g., floors, walls) are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basic.
  • Our DHCP are strictly trained in the safe handling and management of sharp instruments and devices as well as post – exposure management procedures.
  • An proper reprocessing of reusable Patients Items is performed by an adequately trained person.
  • All our instruments are protectively, vacuum packaged until required and the sterilizers spore are tested weekly.
  • Disposable dental instruments bring great advantage in infection control. We maximize the utilizing of single – use instrument e.g., gloves, tongue depressors, dental carpules, masks, examination kits …