Detailed Explanation of the Dental Implant Process

Implant placement steps

Implant is a method of restoring lost teeth by implanting a titanium post into the jawbone. So let’s find out the process of implant placement steps with Platinum Dental!

 Các bước đặt implant
Các bước đặt implant

Definition of Dental Implant

Implant is a surgical method to replace a lost tooth with an artificial root post that is placed in the jawbone at the position of the missing tooth, then the dentist will put a porcelain crown on top to restore a new tooth with a new structure. The shape and function of chewing are similar to real teeth.

When is a dental implant procedure necessary?

Implant technique should be performed in the following cases:

  • Losing teeth and not want to use removable jaws, the remaining teeth are not strong enough to make abutments, especially in cases where too many teeth are lost.
  • People who have lost teeth need to make fixed teeth without having to grind real teeth.
  • People who have a need to make dentures but still want to preserve and not cause jaw bone loss in the area of ​​lost teeth.
When is a dental implant procedure necessary?
When is a dental implant procedure necessary?

The Dental Implant Process Step By Step

After applying the dental implant method, people who have lost teeth and receded gums will recover their chewing power. At the same time, to regain the natural beauty of real teeth, you can use it for a lifetime without having to worry about jaw bone loss.

During the dental implant procedure, the implant post will be placed inside the jawbone. When the bone attaches to the surface and creates stability, the doctor will proceed to attach the crown on top. Then fix them with Abutment joints so that the teeth do not slip or wobble in the mouth.  Below are the implant placement steps :

Dental Consultation

Before you want to implant dental implants, you should conduct an overview of your health as well as your teeth. Through the 3D CT Scanner, the doctor will understand the structure, quality of the jawbone, and position of the missing teeth. At the same time, conduct some tests to see if you are healthy enough. After that, the doctor will advise you on the types of Implant posts, the cost of implementation,…

Dental Consultation
Dental Consultation

Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting is an extremely important stage for the diagnosis and planning of Implant implantation. Your doctor will take panoramic scans and CT scans to check the height and width of your bones. Then, the doctor will describe on the film in detail where you need to place the Implants, how to plan to restore the teeth on the Implant afterward, so that you can understand in the most clear way. If there is a lack of bone, bone must be implanted, if there is enough bone, the doctor only needs to choose the size of the Implant and implant it.

Tooth Extraction

The doctor will proceed to scrape the customer’s teeth. Next, the dentist will use a specialized mouthwash to disinfect the oral cavity before implanting the Implant. This will help customers avoid infection after the implant procedure.

Placing The Implant

The implant surgery process will take from 20 to 30 minutes. First, the doctor will perform antiseptic and gentle anesthesia in the implant area. After that, the implant will be inserted into the jawbone and sutured with a self-dissolving thread. While waiting for the Implant to heal and integrate with the bone, the dentist will proceed to attach the denture. Thereby ensuring the aesthetics, as well as the temporary chewing function.

Placing The Implant
Placing The Implant

Placing The Abutment

After implanting the implant post into the jawbone, the period from 1 to 3 months will make the implant post and jawbone form a unified and solid body. During this time, you should go to the doctor regularly to have a doctor check and schedule a date to proceed to attach the latch to the implant.

Making The Dental Crown

Porcelain crowns will have the same shape and color as a real tooth. At this time, we will be taking dental Implant impressions to make porcelain teeth. The doctor will choose the color to match the customer’s natural teeth. At this time, the technician will design and manufacture porcelain teeth.

Dental Implant In Viet Nam with a team of doctors with many years of experience in the Implant placement steps, along with high-quality implant materials, imported from Europe With modern technology, porcelain crowns will ensure a snug fit to the post, avoiding the field are the factors that ensure successful implant placement steps.


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