DDS. Nhan Nguyen (Nancy)

Dr Thanh Nhan received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from one of the leading medical universities, Medicine and Pharmacy University Ho Chi Minh City, and after a period working for the Pastuer Institute Da Lat City, she moved to private dental care, jointed Platinum Dental Group with a dream to change the way patients experience dental care. She immediately began to develop a new vision for the modern dental practice with a goal to deliver comprehensive dental care in a singular, all inclusive facility and continues to pioneer this progressive approach to the delivery of dental services.

In addition to assembling a team of the finest dental and medical professional from all discipliners of the field, she also places a strong importance on living out the company’s core  values, which include embracing and driving change, pursuing growth and learning, building a positive team and more. She believes living out the core values enables the team to provide patients with the highest caliber of comprehensive dental care which consistently exceeding expectations. This unique team approach to dentistry now affords the patients of The Platinum Dental Group unparalleled convenience and quality of care.

Dr Thanh Nhan has also committed herself to expanding her own professional skills and trained to a very high level in the fields of Orthodontics, Restorative and Dental Implant Treatment. Continuing education is critical to Dr Nhan maintaining a high level of dental skills. There are many advances in dental systems, and keeping abrest of the new technologies lets her ensure her patients always get the best possible treatment options.

In her free time she loves to run  and take yoga course with her husband.

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