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What are immediate implants after extraction? Instant tooth implant Techniques

Is it possible to get an immediate implant after extraction?

Implant immediately after extraction is that tooth extraction and Implant placement will take place at the same time of surgery. After completing the tooth removal operation, the doctor will place the appropriate-sized Implant cylinder. When are dental implants necessary?  Implant implants should only be performed when you have lost your teeth, be it 1 tooth, […]

What are The Differences between dental implants titanium vs zirconium? Which is the Better Option?

What are The Differences between dental implants titanium vs zirconium?

Dental Implants Titanium & Zirconium are both excellent materials for dental implants. Both have advantages and disadvantages when compared side by side. That depends on many factors, including cost, personal preference, and several other factors. A brief overview of titanium and zirconium implants Zirconium is a hard material used in dentistry to make crowns, bridges, […]

Top 3 best dental crown materials 2023

Platinum Dental - Best dental clinic in HCM

There are many types of crowns used in therapeutic techniques. To better understand the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of each class, readers can refer to the helpful information in the following article. Factors Determining The Quality And Aesthetic Properties Of Dental Crowns Not only depends on the care regimen, oral habits, quality, longevity, and aesthetics […]

What is a dental crown? Dental crown material

Structure of porcelain crown

Porcelain is currently a popular dental restorative method with a variety of choices such as porcelain teeth wrap, metal teeth wrap, etc,…To help the goods better understand this method, Platinum Dental will specifically introduce customers to the types of crowns and other relevant information in the article below! What is a dental crown? Porcelain is […]

Dental Clinic Vietnam Prices & The Most Affordable Dental Clinics In Vietnam

Platinum Dental - Best dental clinic in HCM

Taking care of your teeth so that your smile always shines is extremely important. Therefore, regular visits to the clinic to prevent and treat oral pathologies are essential. Don’t skip the article below if you require a dental clinic Vietnam prices list. Cost of dental care in Vietnam Platinum Dental Group is eager to provide […]

Crown lengthening: A to Z information

Crown lengthening: A to Z information

Crown lengthening is one of the most prevalent dental issues, however not everyone is fully aware of this issue. Are you also one of them? If the response is affirmative, keep reading because we’ll go over crown lengthening in detail.  What is Crown Lengthening? A surgical treatment called crown lengthening involves removing or repositioning gum […]